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Génie calcul Mental in partnership with Abacus‘D’Maths academy is among one of the fastest and leading developing company in the field of Abacus Maths,calligraphy education, Handwriting education and Vedic Maths. This institution was established in the year 2009.

These programs are based on scientific techniques which are helpful for the students to expose their continual prospective of their brain and make efficient use of it. With the help of Vedic Maths and Abacus Maths training, a student can easily improve his or her concentration or memory so that in future the student can remain full of confidence. It helps the students in speed ,reading and speed writing.

The complete training program is based on the development of the student which helps them to enhance the accuracy and speed along with mental ability and skills. Abacus is among one of the largest education provider firm, who are helping in spreading the knowledge in all the rural and urban areas.

Génie calcul Mental has number of skilled and proficient experts. Génie calcul Mental offers a program which is strategically fit and is designed exclusively for the students in order to develop their skills. It also provides a world class chain of Franchise to develop Educational business.

It is an excellent opportunity for all the young men, energetic housewives and people who are settled in foreign countries, to join Génie Calcul Mental as business associates. We offer a good return of gains by just spending a very low amount of investment.

We will also provide you training for Vedic Maths and Abacus Franchise programs with two free courses of Calligraphy program and Handwriting improvement. This Franchise is very beneficial for those who want to give a new start to their career.

With the help of Genie Calcul Mental they get many efficient chances to show their ability and skills. Our main aim is to provide proper training in all the parts of country, so just through the medium of franchise we want to develop this network in all parts of Canada.

If you are interested to run this business then there is no need of any specialized degree or diploma. The best thing with this Abacus Academy is that here you will get a chance to learn about all the basic things of this Franchise with the help of trainings. This training will help you to run the franchise smoothly and teaching the students in the most effective and professional manner.

Our Mission: Your kids Success

Génie Calcul Mental mission is to help your kids to receive the best quality education into field of Abacus Maths, Vedic Maths, Calligraphy, Chess and Handwriting, to save time for very basic school activities like quick calculation, speed and accurate writing, creative writing etc, increase self confidence for your kids, increase memory and expand the training Nationwide. This mission will be resumed in the 5 topics below

  • Offer a quality Math Education for your kids.
  • Improve Kids School success.
  • Increase Kids Memory.
  • Increase Kids self confidence.
  • Expand Abacus training nationwide.